Guide to Applying and Interviewing

Interviewing @ Parts Europe

We created this little guide to give you some ideas about our application and interview process at Parts Europe. It will help you prepare for every interview you have going forward. From our first contact to making an offer it can take four to eight weeks.

Basic Stuff

Our people are what make us great, so we take the process of hiring very seriously. But we also know that everyone is very busy so we would like to make the best use of everybody’s time.

We are a young company with realistic yet big ambitions and we really work best with people who enjoy and take pride in their work and in helping the company develop and grow, so a good personal fit with the team is as important as your skills.

Many of you come from all over the world to work with us so before you make a big commitment to change countries we want to make sure for everyone involved that we know what we are getting into.

Preparing Your Application

The more information we have when we first hear or read about you the faster we can move. When you send in your application information we very much care about the work you want to do with us, so show us what you have already done. We also want to know what motivates you in life and keeps you excited.


We usually go through several interviews that are designed to learn as much about each other as we can.

After the first contact we usually start with a 30 minute video chat. This can be Skype or any other web video conferencing tool that works for you. Because personal fit is so important to us we want to interact as quickly as possible so in our video chat we’ll get to tell each other about who we are and what have been doing so far.

If we are all happy with our first interview we often like to ask you to complete a work sample. Usually we come up with a little programming task that allows you to demonstrate your ability to solve problems and shows us your coding style. Don’t worry, it normally won’t take you more than just a few hours to complete. We then give you the opportunity to present your solution to us and explain what you have done. This can be done via web conference or, if you already live close to our office, we might just invite you to come visit.

The last step in our recruiting process is to have you come visit our offices and get to know us in person, but also see the work place for yourself and meet all sorts of people who work here. If you come from far away we found that this is often best done as a 3 day trip, 2 days for traveling back and forth, one day in the office and an evening or two with the team.

Preparing For Your Interviews

Review notes from any prior calls and research the company. Take time to learn about our mission, industry, customers, products, culture, values, teams, and partners. We really are looking forward to have meaningful conversations with you during the interviews and the more we already know about each other the better the interviews will go. Let us know as much about you up front as possible so we can prepare, too.

Ask Us Tough Questions

Use your interview as a chance to get deep with us. We believe that people with more information can make better decisions so get as much info as possible about our business, our work, our people, and our values while you’re here.

Your Visit with Us

All our offices are equipped with guest Wi-Fi. We understand that many of you take time away from your current jobs to interview with us, so if you need to a little time to make or take a call let us know, we’re happy to get you a room and make you as comfortable as we can.