Business Information Management System

Project Description

The Parts Europe sales force consists of an inbound call center and a team of sales representatives located in various European countries. This structure made it necessary to have a central information tool with access to customer data, sales reports and such. Furthermore it is used to reflect certain internal processes, like the activation of new customers, approval of new part suppliers, etc. All functionalities and processes go along with the responsabilities that each sales employee has, which requires a complex user ACL management and the structured display of large amount of data with dedicated search and filter functions. The result is the Business Information Management Tool (BIM), which is used extensively throughout the company and continuously being developed and extended in functionality.

The latest extension is the so-called Dashboard, a visual display of reporting data in the form of dynamic charts including individual filtering options. The front end part is based on HighchartsJS extended by jQuery plugin-style custom programming to minimize code repetition while making it possible to create a virtually unlimited number of chart displays.

Technical Stuff

  • Based on Joomla! 3.x
  • Custom component programming (the BIM component)
  • Frontend optimized for iPad usability with Zurb Foundation 5
  • Frontend design bas is structured with NodeJS, Grunt, Bower and Compass
  • Integration of sales and customer related data from external data sources
  • Authentication managed via the internal Outlook LDAP server, access management via ACL


Live since 2013

Future Development

The BIM holds vast amount of data. The challenge here is to keep a clean and usable interface that is still capable of handling the data in a sensible way. A template redesign has been drafted and is waiting to be implemented.

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